The Author

Pamela Jennings Taylor

Pamela Jennings Taylor is a wife, mother, sister, aunt, nurse, writer, and has many more roles, just as other women do. She has a soft spot in her heart for mothers who, sometimes, have difficulty transitioning from the phase of being “Mommy” to learning how to navigate to a new role of “Mentor” to their adult children.
Over the years, Pamela has had to rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit to provide her with wisdom and guidance through each stage of parenting. This reliance persists to this day because mentoring her adult children is ongoing. Her desire to help mothers will forever be her inspiration and motivation, and thus, the reason she began to write.
Pamela is married to her husband of more than 33 years, Kevin Taylor, and has three children, Kevin, Jr., Gabrielle, and Jonathan. She resides in Pelham, Alabama.